Frequently Asked Questions

What is Broadway Theatre Connection?

Broadway Theatre Connection was originally created to forge a direct relationship between professional New York City Theatre Artists and the Greater New Orleans Theatre Community. BTC currently offers Workshops and Master Classes in multiple cities throughout the United States providing opportunities for education, mentorship and intensive training. We connect Broadway performers, choreographers, directors, casting directors, voice coaches and agents to students with a passion for developing their musical theatre skills.

Who are the BTC Faculty Members?

The BTC Faculty Members are working professionals in some aspect of the theatre industry. In addition, a number of the faculty members teach within the college system. You can read more about the BTC Faculty on our website FACULTY tab.

What are the qualifications to be accepted into BTC?

Applicants must excel in at least one of the disciplines of musical theatre: acting, voice or dance. Applicants must have an interest in strengthening their skills in all areas of musical theatre and will be required to study all of these areas when attending the summer workshop. We do offer other events and Master Classes which may focus on only one of these disciplines.

How do I get accepted?

Students interested in attending BTC should click the Registration and Tuition tab on our website to review the requirements for the specific BTC event.

How many students are accepted?

BTC programs will vary in student enrollment. However, in all circumstances, we feel that it is important to limit the number of students per class. Class sizes are structured so that students get the individual attention they need and deserve. Classes are primarily divided by age level. BTC reserves the right to move students from one level to another.

How do we know which faculty will teach at the summer workshop?

Due to their high demand and possible scheduling conflicts, BTC reserves the right to initiate changes to the faculty and curriculum. The number of faculty present is based on the total enrollment of students per session. Broadway Theatre Connection guarantees a well-rounded workshop experience and an unmatched caliber of teachers. Typically, BTC will announce, via email,  the expected Faculty for a particular BTC Event to those students participating. In addition, we recommend that you visit our FACEBOOK page for the latest news and announcements regarding the confirmed Faculty for your BTC Event.

What are the total costs for Broadway Theatre Connection’s Summer Workshop?

The total costs of any upcoming BTC Event can be found on our website under the Registration and Tuition tab.

 Is there an application deadline?

Yes, there is an application deadline for all BTC events. The deadline dates for each BTC Event can be found on our website under the Registration and Tuition tab.

 Do I need to provide a deposit?

Yes, BTC Events require a non-refundable deposit. The deposit will secure the students spot for that particular BTC Event. Visit the Registration and Tuition tab for details.

Who do I make checks payable to?

Broadway Theatre Connection, LLC.  Send checks and any correspondence to :

BTC, PO Box 1395, New York, NY 10113

Can I pay with a credit or debit card?

We accept all credit and debit cards through our registration system managed by Active Network. You can link to this through the Registration & Tuition tab at

 Will BTC offer Scholarships to students?

Yes, financial and merit based scholarships are offered to our students as funds are available.  If you are interested in applying, you or your parent(s) or guardian should contact us as soon as possible at for a scholarship application and guidelines.  There will also be downloadable applications during registration through Active Network.

If you are attending a BTC Event in the New Orleans area, the financial and merit scholarships are provided by a generous grant from the New Orleans Theatre Association (NOTA).

 Do I have to provide my own lunch?

Yes, students must provide their own lunch, snacks and drinks. At most BTC Events, we will provide bottled water and Gatorade for a small charge.

What types of dance shoes are required for BTC Events?

If you have the following shoes available, please bring them with you to class everyday: jazz shoes and/ or dance sneakers. Other shoes which may be needed for a BTC Event: character shoes/heels, ballet shoes and tap shoes. BTC will contact the student/parent, via email, prior to a BTC Event to clarify those shoes needed.

 Is there a dress code for BTC?

Please come in dance clothes or appropriate form fitting clothes that you can move in. Students will be required to wear their BTC Shirt and Black Dance Pants any BTC Event that features an Invited Showcase. This will be discussed at student orientation and a reminder will be provided the day prior to the showcase.

How do I buy Broadway Theatre Connection merchandise?

Our merchandise will be sold during most BTC Events. BTC will accept cash, checks and debit/credit cards. Merchandise is also available on our website.

Do I need to bring anything else with me, aside from dance clothes and shoes?

You should come with a notebook and pens/pencils. Tape recorders or recording devices are needed for your voice classes. Students may use their cell phones as recording devices for music classes. Cells phones will not be permitted in any other classes.

Can I choose to take certain classes over others?

Students are required to participate in all scheduled classes to provide them with a well-rounded musical theatre curriculum.

May my parents or guardian watch any of the classes?

Parents will be invited to attend our “Invited Showcase” on the last day of the workshop. The classes are closed to all parents/family members/guardians and teachers.

What are BTC’s Safety Guidelines?

*BTC’s first objective is to provide a safe and healthy environment for its students, faculty and staff.

*On the first day of every BTC event, the faculty, staff, and students will participate in a mandatory student orientation that will outline the safety procedures in writing.

*BTC will comply with the safety guidelines of the facility where the BTC Event is held.

*We encourage all students to notify a BTC Faculty or Staff member, immediately, if they have sustained an injury or feel ill.

*BTC will have a first aid kit in the event of a minor injury.

*Students will be in the company of multiple staff members throughout the class day while participating in scheduled events or classes.

*To all a parents, legal guardians and students, it is extremely important to provide the emergency contact information that is requested on the online registration application. If an incident occurs, a member of the BTC staff will utilize this information to assist and/or notify the individuals listed.

*In the case, of a serious injury, a BTC staff member will contact 911 for emergency services and the emergency contact provided.


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